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Home Learning Activities

Week beginning 01.06.20

This week’s pack of activities includes 12 learning sessions which should be spread out throughout the week, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 per day.

Maths – 2 sessions

English – 2 sessions

Independence – 2 sessions

Food Tech – 1 session

Computing – 1 session

PE – 1 session

PSHE – 1 session

Option: Trade/Art   – 2 sessions

As your child completes the activities, feel free to use the email address below with any comments as to how he/she has been getting on with the work, as well as pictures of any tasks your child may have achieved (but please do not send pictures of your child, only the work!!!)   

This way we can have two-way communication and your child may feel more of a sense of purpose knowing that myself or the relevant teachers will look at the work they have done and comment on it over the phone the following Week.


Maths session 1 – Online activity and  Powerpoint/PDF activity


Maths session 2 – Rounding

Once you have finished there are 3 tasks (A, B,C)  for you to work through you only have to choose 1, (you can do more if you wish!)  Please select the 1 you feel more comfortable doing.


At the end of the week I will set you tasks to do on Mathletics


English Session 1 - Reading Eggs

Well done guys with your progress so far! Please carry on with progressing through your maps and getting as much eggs that you can!


English session 2- Comprehension

This week you will be reading an article about recycling. Please make sure you read it carefully, then answer the questions. Remember if you get stuck to read the text again and check for the answer- it is there! You only have to focus on the pages 1-4. Happy ready


Independence – Dangers

For Independence this week you will be looking at dangers in the kitchen.


Computing – Part of a computer

Do you know the names of parts of the computer?


Food Tech –  Food package  

You have the template to build your own food package. On it you will need to write all the nutritional information that we have previously discussed so that everything in your imaginary package is safe.


PSHE- Making decisions

We will be looking at making decisions.


PE - Oh Joe

So for PE Simon will have your child perform a routine using a YouTube video by Joe Wicks.


Art- Mini book

Students will have the opportunity to make their own mini book.




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