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The Autumn Term has been a very busy one for all of us in 6P.

At this stage of the year the students are now all familiar with our routines and the expectations of ‘Life in the 6th Form’ and they have worked well and taken advantage of the learning opportunities that have been presented throughout the term.

In English there has been much excitement as students have continue to learn how to follow instructions as they have planned a social occasion – in this instance, a class party.

In Maths there has been further study of the way numbers work and the value of money – which will continue through into 2019.

Independence Studies have focused on ‘Being in the Community’ – and the students have been consolidating their understanding of what it takes to be safe in the world at large.

PE classes have included a study of the rudiments of American Football, basketball and football with some Circuit Training thrown in to make life interesting.

There was a very successful outing for the entire 6th form to finish our year off. We combined all three classes and had a fabulous morning at the Hollywood Bowl which was followed by lunch at Pizza Hut. I am very pleased to report that all students behaved very well and they were a credit to Oaktree and especially to themselves.

On behalf of all of us in 6P we wish you a very happy and fulfilling Christmas Season. 2019 promises to be filled with many exciting projects for the students which we are all looking forward to – but most especially we are looking forward to a well-earned rest over the next few weeks.

Merry Christmas!