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Oaktree School

Oaktree School

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Art – The Term So Far

Blue class have been exploring small world scenes including ‘at the farm’ and ‘at the park’. We collected objects including toy animals and real leaves and made prints with them.

Red class have been learning about the abstract artist Jackson Pollock. We have been making splatter paintings and have been painting with marbles.

Green class have been learning about superheroes. We have collected pictures of our favourite superheroes and started to draw them.

Orange class have been learning about the artist Jackson Pollock. We have researched his life and work and we are about to start painting like him. We worked in pairs and used a blindfold to help us draw abstract shapes using our imagination.

Aqua class have been learning about superheroes. We have researched superheroes using the internet and collected images that interest us. We have drawn and traced superheroes and we are going to design our own.

Yellow class have been drawing this term. We have been drawing pictures of our friends and family. We are working on our topic ‘About Me’ and choosing our favourite food, drink and transport. We are going to start painting soon.

Purple class have been working on the topic ‘About Me’. We have been designing our favourite food, drink and transport. We have been painting and choosing our favourite colours to paint with. We also made musical shakers during Black History Week which we played in assembly.

Pink class have been learning about contemporary artist Michael Craig-Martin. We found pictures of everyday objects, traced them and scanned them into the computer. We then used Photoshop to colour the images and create digital art.

This term our sixth form Arts and Crafts group have been making jewellery. We made beads out of clay and painted them with bright colours and patterns. We then thread the beads onto elastic and wire to make bracelets and necklaces.

Our Entry Pathways Painting and Drawing class have made a really good start to their exam course. Our topic is ‘People, Place or Animal’ and we have all been researching our favourite places, animals and times in history. We have lots of work to do before our deadline so we will start painting and drawing when we get back from the half term holiday.

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