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Art Homework Week 1


I hope that you all had a lovely half-term.

The British Library is inviting children to make their own mini books. The British Library has a wonderful collection of miniature books many of which were created more than 200 years ago. These books were designed to help children learn by reading to their dolls. The series starts with the alphabet and ends with books about animals, flowers, birds, games, outdoor scenes, objects and a (very!) Short History of England. Click on this link to learn more about these books and see a video of one of these masterpieces up close:

Some of Britain’s best loved children’s authors have made their own books. Click on this link to learn more:


This week students will make their own mini book.

You will need: 2 sheets of A4 paper (or any size paper that you have at home), coloured paper (you can use wrapping paper or magazines etc if you do not have coloured paper, scissors, string to keep the pages in place (you can use glue, a hair grip or sticky tape if you do not have string).

1.  Fold paper in half, short side to short side. Fold the paper in half again, short side to short side. Cut both sheets along the middle. You will now have 4 sets of 2 rectangles. Put the folded pieces inside one another-these are the pages of your book- this is called your book block.

2.  Choose some coloured paper for your front cover. Open the book block and place it on your chosen cover. Draw around the book block and cut out the front cover. Fold the front cover in half. Cut a small strip of coloured paper the height of your cover. Glue this to the spine (side) of your book. Wrap your cover around the book block.

3.  Open the entire book to the middle page. Tie string around the middle to keep pages in place. If you do not have string use a hairpin, glue or sticky tape.

4. Now write and draw in your book. You can make your book about whatever you want. It can be an action story, a non-fiction book, a book of jokes-whatever you like!

5.  Keep your book safe and bring it with you when you return to school. We will make our own mini library!

I look forward to seeing the miniature wonders we will have in our library!


Take care,