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Autumn Term

All classes have been working hard in Music, but I would like to share some special projects that have been going on.

Green and Pink class have been very lucky to work with Mirco, a guitar specialist all term.  He is a fantastic guitar player and has come in every week to teach guitar in small groups.  We played the repeating riff in ‘Hit the road, Jack’ and practiced singing the chorus with the music.  We also learned songs using the ‘B’ and ‘E’ strings called ‘Mulberry Boogie’ and ‘Shaky.’  Pink class worked on combining lots of different instruments to make a band.  They played the drums, bass guitar, and the ukulele, with others playing guitar or singing.  It is really tricky to listen and combine all these different parts together but we enjoyed the challenge! 

Aqua class have started a composing project with some visitors from Sound Connections.  They brought in some cool new equipment to show us.  We used a microphone that can change the sound of your voice and an ipad that can play a variety of electronic sounds.  We are composing a song to the theme of journeys and look forward to performing at the Millfield Theatre in March.

Every Wednesday afternoon, there has been a small choir of 12 pupils gathering to meet and practice their singing.  They have worked hard on using their singing voice and listening carefully to each other.  They confidently sang in a special performance to their friends.