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Autumn Term

Autumn Term

It seems almost ludicrous to be planning for Christmas but here we are looking at Christmas Menus and Christmas Baking and it feels like we’ve only been back in class for 5 (or possibly 10) minutes!

Over the course of the Autumn Term:

Purple Class: has been looking at spreading and using kitchen implements;

Red Class: has been making sandwiches & wraps (looking at sweet and savoury fillings) as well as looking at toasting and grilling food;

Green & Orange Classes: have been focusing on Kitchen Hygiene and different drinks – hot & cold and looking at how different kitchen utensils are used;

Aqua Class: has been following a guided study from the ‘Food A Fact of Life’ website giving student entertaining and practical options when it comes to cooking different foodstuffs;

Yellow Class: has been following a programme of Food Hygiene as well as looking at how kettles, toasters and microwaves can be used;

Pink Class: has been looking at Health & Safety in the Kitchen – highlighting Safety Awareness as well as safe usage of the oven, the grill and the hob;

And the 6th form has been looking at honing their kitchen skills with a view to being able to prepare simple meals for themselves as a way of making them a little more independent. They have also been studying noodle and rice dishes and they are learning how to follow recipes.

Students at Oaktree enjoy their Food Tech lessons - they seem to have a particular focus when it comes to creating their own food and they are producing some tremendous results. I would encourage parents and carers to develop the students’ interest further by utilising what they have learned at school in the home setting, allowing the students to demonstrate the skills they have acquired. Bon appétit!