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Autumn Term

Red Class – We have been working hard this term and have been experimenting with painting and drawing techniques. We have been working in the style of Frida Kahlo and have been drawing self-portraits. We then moved on to painting landscapes onto canvases. Some of us painted mountains and some of us painted beach scenes. We cannot wait to hang them on the wall.

Green Class – We have been working in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. We learned all about his work and the sculptures he makes from natural materials. We experimented with making sculptures from   materials similar to those used by Goldsworthy such as ice, wood and leaves. We also wove thread through leaves to create a beautiful curtain of leaves for display in their classroom.   

Orange Class and Aqua Class– We have been working on a unique project called ‘Famous Faces’. We chose a famous person to research and gather information about. We then used plaster of Paris to cast a face in a mould. We painted the face using realistic skin tones and added the unique facial features for each famous person. Some of our famous faces include The Rock, Usain Bolt and Spongebob Square Pants. 

Yellow and Pink – We started the year painting an outdoor mural. We used special masonry paint to prime the wall. Then the weather turned cold and damp so we had to stop the project and we will continue in the spring term when the sun comes out. In the meantime we have been improving our drawing skills. Yellow class have been drawing self-portraits and practising drawing realistic facial features. Pink class have been using their imaginations to create fantastic creatures and characters while others have been drawing from direct observation and focusing on realism. We have some fantastic artists amongst us and we cannot wait to show you our artwork.

Purple – We have been making presents for our family. We designed and painted a tote bag and wrapped it up as a present for our mums and dads. We also made a pirate chest which we filled with real chocolate and also made winter decorations out of clay.

Entry Pathways Printmaking – We have been working extremely hard during our printmaking lessons. We have been researching people, places and animals and have collected information and images to help us make work. We have experimented with different printmaking techniques such as screen printing, polystyrene tile printing and collograph.