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Computing Homework Week 6

ICT Lesson - Week 6, 06/07/2020

Hello Red Class!

This week for Part 1, we will look into how instructions in computers are broken into simple steps so that the computer can solve the problem; this is called algorithms! Sounds hard to remember but for now  in order to understand, please watch the video below and practise by playing a game of the choice; you have to try patiently to move the objects to the correct direction! For Part 2, please keep practising your typing skills!

Good luck!

O. Kontou, Red Class

PART 1: ‘What is an Algorithm?’                                                                Support Needed

Click the link below to watch the video that will help you understand a little bit what this ‘strange’ word means!

ACTIVITY: Then login into (login details have been sent to you with at the beginning home school learning) and go to: KS1- Year 1 – Computing – Early Coding – Helicopter Rescue.

PART 2: Practise your Typing skills!

Click on the link below choose the easy level to begin with and try to find the correct letters on the keyboard to match them to the letters on the screen. You can also choose numbers. I’m sending you two different links and you can choose the one you prefer more!