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Computing Homework Week 7


13 -17 July

Week 7


Hello everyone,

How are you doing? Today we will talk about a magic word of code.

What is code? Code is a set of rules and instructions. They use numbers and words in order to create a code. The code tells the computer what we want the computer to do.

Visit the BBC bitesize and learn about what code is.

Watch the video that explains what coding is :

Task 1: And when your scroll down you can play the game where you can help Crash, Boot and their robot Dogg-I to find things can be programmed by code .

Task 2: on the pdf file there is a banery code uppercase alphabet. Read it very carefully and try to write your first letter of your first name and the first letter of your surname. Here is an example:

My first name is Vasiliki and my surname is Katsarela. The letters I am going to use are: V and K

I look very carefully on the banery key  and here is how I am going to write them now try to write yours.


Do not forget to email me your work :

Have fun

Miss Vasiliki