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Duck eggs

At the beginning of the summer term we had 6 Duck eggs, an incubator and a brooding pen delivered to Oaktree School.  Everyone was really excited and couldn't’t wait to see how many would hatch. 

The students and staff were delighted to watch all 6 hatch and emerge from their eggs. 

They quickly learnt to eat, drink and swim. 

Once one duckling learnt a skill, all the others followed, proving their intelligence!

The students had great fun looking after them, watching them swim in a paddling pool and learning how to pick them up gently and safely.  We held a competition to name them and the names chosen were: Ducky, Star, Quackers, Sparkly, Ronald and Bella.


Our Art teacher, Mazz, offered to take them to be rehoused at the F.R.I.E.N.D Animal Rescue Farm in Tonbridge Kent and once they were old enough, drove them down to their new home.  They have since been very happily rehoused there in far more spacious surroundings!

We miss them, but to be honest, not their smell! By the time they left, we all agreed that they were sweet, but very stinky!

Well done everyone.

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