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English Homework Week 1

English Guidelines

Session 1

This week we will be learning about adjectives! The first lesson is just going through a PowerPoint and watching some videos online about adjectives.

  1. Read through the adjectives PowerPoint
  2. Go to Youtube and watch the video below – listen carefully and think about the adjectives given.

  1. Watch the adjective song –

  1. Watch and read through the online book ‘If you were an Adjective’


Session 2

Let’s do some writing using adjectives now!

  1. Sheet 1 – write in adjectives beginning with each letter of the alphabet

For example

A – amazing

B – big

  1. Sheet 2 now - rewrite the sentences and fill in the gap with your own adjectives.
  2. Finally, if you feel confident, try this tricky adjective game


If it is tricky to write any of these, get an adult to help you write it but try to think of your own ideas!