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English Homework Week 1

English Session 1:

This week we continue to read/listen to Room on the Broom.  If you have the book at home read again.  If not, there is a link below to the amazing animation.

Please pause your reading/video to comment and ask your pupil what they see using the questions ‘where’, ‘what’ ‘why’.

Use the word mat provided to search for the characters and objects in the book as you did last week.  Your child should be becoming more familiar with the story.  Use the puppets provided to cut out and act out the story.

English Session 2:

Use the sheets provided to practice pencil control. The witch needs help finding her wand and hat, the dog needs to find the cat and so on. There is also a second sheet to practice further.

If your child’s initials are FO, there is a different writing sheet for you.  Hopefully this will expand your child’s writing skills outside of colourful semantics.