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We have made a great start to the year in Food Tech! The focus for all the senior classes this half term has been ‘The Importance of Routines’ as well as a look at Health & Safety and Food Hygiene as a part of our preparation for further studies.

The classes which spend the morning preparing and cooking their own lunch (6J, 6E, Pink, Purple and Yellow) have enjoyed a variety of dishes inspired by popular culture and different International dishes. Our menu so far has seen us produce :

Week 1: Jamie Oliver’s Vegetarian Chilli

Week 2: From Italy: Sausage Carbonara

Week 3: From Sardinia: Fresh Tomato Sauce Gnocchi

Week 4: From Mexico: Three Bean and Pepper Casserole

Week 5: Inspired by local supermarkets: Pasta Bake

Week 6: From France: Pissaladierre (Open tomato & anchovy flan)

Week 7: In celebration of Black History Week: From Africa: Babotie

Our dishes have given our students the opportunity to try different cooking techniques; use different kitchen utensils; experiment with different herbs and spices; as well as trying food from different countries.

6E have also taken turns at producing a dessert to finish off each meal.

The junior classes have been focusing on baking related activities – in line with National Guidelines the majority of lessons have focused on savory dishes with a few sweet treats thrown in to pique interest.

Our students enjoy their Food Tech creations and it is good to see them developing skills that they can use at home – and certainly in later life as we prepare them for independence.