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Food Tech Homework Week 1

Hi Aqua Class,

This half term we will be learning more about where our foods come from – and I do not mean the supermarket! We will look at the journeys different foods make before they finally arrive in our homes. We will then be making some delicious foods using these ingredients – this week is Chocolate!!

I hope you enjoy this new topic,



  • Find the ‘Eat Happy Project’ on YouTube and watch the ‘scrumptious chocolate how is chocolate made’ and ‘Does your class know what cacao is?’ videos

  • Look at the ‘Where does chocolate come from -  PowerPoint’ below


  • Look at the ‘Where does chocolate come from – Activity’ in your homework pack. Put the cards in order to show how chocolate gets from the plant to our shops.  You might need to ask an adult to help you with some of the reading.

Practical Activity (Ask an adult if you have the ingredients to make one of these):

  • Make your own chocolate – see the ‘Making Chocolate Recipe’ below
  • Make Rice Krispie cakes – see the ‘Rice Krispie Cakes Recipe’ below