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Greetings from the Food Tech Department.

s we wind down for the year things are no less busy in the Food Tech room. In preparation for our school Christmas Dinner celebration, classes have looked at the The Christmas Mince Pie phenomenon: its place on the Christmas menu, the history of the dish, its evolution and adaptation since the late Middle Ages and possible embellishments with which the dish can now be served. The experience has been very ‘hands on’ as classes have made a portion of the pies to be served alongside school Christmas dinner next week thus giving students a practical exercise involving working with pastry and measuring ingredients as well as creating a wonderful sense of fulfillment knowing that they have made a significant contribution to a whole school celebration which, in turn, has emphasized just how important food is to our celebrations and our rituals and how preparing food to be shared reinforces our strong sense of community. It has been the perfect end of term crescendo.  

Much of the beginning of the term was focused on establishing routines in Food Tech lessons and in the Food Tech room itself and, as always, there was a strong emphasis on health and safety. Every lesson has an aspect of food safety, hygiene and management as well as the practicalities of food preparation and sharing.

The Sixth Form and Pink and Blue Classes are now well into their individual Food Route journeys and for much of the term the focus was on Cooking and Diet & Health and completing the associated tasks. There are 15 objectives per topic for each student to achieve so there has been ample opportunity for reinforcement in each lesson.

As far as meals were concerned for the first half term the accent was on pasta dishes and for the second half term we focused on

Winter Food’. Both topics allowed for vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes alike and, as always, there has been a high level of satisfaction when students have prepared, cooked, and served their own lunches – and, of course, cleaned up after the dining is done.

The junior classes have been looking at Healthy Eating and Cooking and each teacher has provided their students with a variety of lessons centred on simple dishes to prepare them for progression further up the school when they will follow in the footsteps of the senior students. This will continue throughout the remaining two terms of the 19/20 academic year.

I trust that whatever you are doing over the next few weeks while the school is on hiatus will be restful and rewarding despite the parameters of the season.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

“And to all a good night …”