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Independence Homework Week 1

Independence Guidelines

We are going to continue looking at looking after yourself and where you live!

This week I want you to start looking at cleaning up…

You must only do these activities if you have an adult to help you or have asked an adults permission


First watch Maggie’s tips on how to clean a room!


Now tidy the bedroom that you decide to clean – put things away in their drawers and put any rubbish in the bin.  Once you have tidied, you need to clean the surfaces.

Wipe over surfaces in your bedroom (or your things if you share your bedroom) 

Ask an adult for a cleaning product – You may use a cloth & polish, a surface spray & cloth or a damp cloth. Ask the adults at home what they would prefer you to use.

Take everything off the surface you are cleaning. E.g. toiletries off of your drawers, pens off your desk, books off the table.

Wipe over the surface and dry with a cloth.

Now you can put everything back, if you have any air freshener then give your room a spritz and enjoy!