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Independence Homework Week 1

Dear Aqua Class,

During our time at home, keeping in contact with our friends and family is more important than ever. So, for the next few lessons, we will revisit our ‘making contact’ skills to help you keep in touch with those you cannot see in person.

Keep in touch!


Creating an email account:

  • This week I would like you to learn how to create your own email address.
  • You can create an email address with any provider you choose, but I will give you instructions for creating an outlook account to help you.


Type into to address bar

  1. Click the blue create free account icon.
  2. Choose an email address. You may have to try a few different ones to find one that isn’t already taken. Try using a combination of your first name, surname and numbers. E.g. jennasmith2004. Click on next.
  3. Create a password. You must not share this password with anyone except your parents / carers. It could be your favourite colour, TV show or book. Add some numbers at the end as well. When you have your password, click next.
  4. Type in your first name and your surname. Click next.
  5. Type in your date of birth. Click next.
  6. Type in the letters and numbers you see on the screen. Click next
  7. You have created your own email address, well done!