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Independence Homework Week 1

So this week in Independence I would like you to recap on some prior knowledge so that we can do some proper form-filling from next week on! Here is what you should do:

- write your full name (don’t forget to use initial capital letter for each of your names)

- write your date of birth (including the year), e.g. 09/09/02 (you may need to remember the work we did on using the short date, especially the number corresponding to each of the months)

- write your full address, including the postcode.


If you don’t know all of these by heart, try to memorise all details and then rewrite.

Once you’ve done this, rewrite your full name and address using BLOCK CAPITALS, as in some forms you are asked to use capitals throughout.

Take a picture of both of the options and email it to the class email address!