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Independence Homework Week 1

Hello everyone,

This week I would like you to help out in the kitchen, learning how to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic for cooking and eating.

You must only do these activities if you have an adult to help you

1. Wash up after a meal or snack

  • Put the plug into the plughole
  • Fill the sink up with warm water (carefully handling the hot tap)
  • Add washing up liquid
  • Carefully place dirty washing up into the bowl / sink.

(Be careful with breakable items. E.g. glasses, mugs etc. Leave sharp knives and utensils to an adult)

  • Use a sponge to wash each item on the inside and outside
  • Rinse each item and put onto a draining board 

2. Dry up after a meal or snack

  • Find a clean and dry tea towel
  • Take an item from the draining board and check it is clean
  • Wipe each item inside and outside until dry

3. Put the clean washing up away in cupboards and drawers

  • Check each item is dry before putting it into a cupboard or drawer

(Remember to close doors and drawers to avoid accidents)