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Let’s go to the Antarctic!

This term Red class have been learning about both the South and North pole. We enjoyed learning about the different types of animals that live in the Arctic and writing fact files about them. We also learnt which countries make up the Arctic and how it differs to where we live.

After finding out about the North pole we went South to learn more about the Antarctic and in particular about Sir Ernest Shackleton’s trip to Antarctica in 1915. We discovered that on this particular trip Shackleton never made it to the Antarctic as his boat “The Endurance” got stuck in ice and then crushed by the ice. We considered what it must have felt like to be part of the crew and not knowing if we would ever make it home! To support our learning we went on a fantastic trip to the Maritime Museum in Greenwich where we found out more about boat explorations around the world.

We have had a great term but we also finish it on a sad note as Antonia is leaving us to go on her own exploration to somewhere slightly hotter (Australia) and Red class wish her very safe travels. We will miss her a lot but she promises to send us a postcard letting us know about all her exciting adventures. 

We are also saying Goodbye to Lawrence on the 23rd February as he going off to concentrate on his studies. We wish him the best of luck with his degree.

In place of Antonia and Lawrence we will have Amir, who has been working at Oaktree for 2 years, and Carre who has been at Oaktree since the start of September. We look forward to working with them and hope they are ready for the fun and games (and obviously all the hard work!) that we do in Red Class.