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Maths Homework Week 1

Orange Class Maths Home learning lesson 1. W.C.1.6.20

For this lesson we are going to be exploring Money.  Follow the instructions in the lesson to play three different games that explore different areas of Money.  There are three different games to play, please try to play them all.  This site requires Flash to be enabled for the games to work.

There is also a screen free task focusing on money & coin identification that can be completed by printing off the PDF file or using the pictures of the documents in the lesson as a reference and completing the task using any available paper to hand.

Orange class Maths Home learning lesson 2. W.C.1.6.20

For your this session, I would like you to log on to Mathletics using your log in details that are in your home learning pack & also in your Home School book.

After you have logged in, complete the differentiated tasks assigned to everyone in Orange class in the ‘Time, Money & Data’ section (focusing primarily on Money) or the ‘Time & Money’ section. 

If you have any difficulties logging on, please contact me via the class email detailed below.

New tasks are indicated by the white (empty) boxes.  Please make sure that your child then revisits any of the tasks that are colour coded yellow or red and when all the tasks in the number area are green, then complete the end of unit test.

There is also an extension activity focusing on developing your understanding of money further.  Click on the web link in the lesson and follow the on screen instructions.  This site does not require Flash.

There is also a ‘screen free’ option focusing on completing a coin identification activity that can be completed by printing of the accompanying PDF file.  If you do not have a printer this activity can be completed by recording the answers on any paper to hand. 

There is also a ‘paper free’ / practical activity where you can play shops and buy and sell items for real money.  You can use the ‘Price Tickets’ PDF as a visual support (I have included a one page document of small tickets & a five page document of larger tickets) these are pictured in the lesson for reference and can view on an iPad / tablet / PC / Laptop if you are unable to print them.

You can also print off PDFs of the word mat / coin strips featured in the lesson or view them on an iPad / tablet / PC / Laptop as a visual aid to support your child’s learning.

Take photos on your smart phone of the results of some of the activities that you have enjoyed and email them to me at: or

(But remember: no faces in pictures please!)

Have fun while you are at home & we will see you all soon. J