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Maths Homework Week 1

Hi Aqua Class,

I hope you all had a nice half term. This week you will be revising some of the skills you worked on last half term and learning more about multiplication.

I hope you enjoy your lessons,


Lesson 1:

Mathletics -

I have assigned you all new activities, based on the home learning set last half term. If you have done the activity before, see if you can improve your score now you have completed your home learning tasks.

Remember, to login to Mathletics visit and sign in with your username and password.

Lesson 2:

Statistics –


  • Watch the BBC Bitesize ‘How to Collect Data’ and ‘ how to use simple data tables’ videos and try the online activities
  • Look at the ‘Collecting Data PowerPoint’ below


  • Visit the Topmarks website and play the ‘Tally Chart Game’


  • Complete the ‘Favourite Colour Tally Chart Activity’ in your homework pack


  • Try the ‘Statistics Challenge cards’ below to stretch your thinking even more