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Maths Homework Week 1

Measuring Length

This week, we are looking at how we measure length. There are 3 activities for you to do. The first activity is watching a video on measuring length. The second activity is a worksheet for you to complete, you have a choice of two. The third activity is to complete a session on Mathseeds using the Mathseeds passwords you were given at the start of the school closure

Activity 1

Watch the following video ‘Measure length’:

Or you can either, copy and paste the web link or type the title ‘white rose maths year 1 into your internet browser.

Then select lesson 1 ‘compare length and height’ video

Activity 2

Complete one of the following worksheets

Activity 2 Caterpillar lengths


Activity 2 Measuring lengths

Activity 3 - Mathseeds


Type Mathseeds into your internet browser or copy and paste the following web link