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Maths Homework Week 1

Session 1: Number Guidelines

Money matching!

For this week I would like your child to look at recognising numbers and coins.

First Stick the money/numicon sheet onto the card I has supplied then cut them out so the coins are separate to the numicon.

Next spread the numicon cards out in front of your child. Then Show your child the coin cards one by one starting with 1p. Tell your child what coin this is and ask them to repeat it back. Next ask them to find this amount. Let them know that their job is going to be to find the number numicon that goes with it.


Look at this it is 1p.  One we need to find the number one, which numicon is the number one, have a good look.

If your child still struggles say:

So we are looking for number one and I think it is Orange!

Once found point at the hole in the numicon and repeat One.

Do not forget to give your child plenty of praise throughout this whole activity.


Session 2 :Geometry and Measure Guidelines

Fast and Slow

Well… I hope that you are feeling fit!

This week in Geometry and measure it’s all about understanding the concept of fast and slow.

Below I have written a list of activities of which you can pick as few or as many as you wish to carry out. Alternatively you may have some different ideas.

Running, Jumping, Clapping, skipping, walking, waving, mixing, moving a toy car.

I would like your child to select one of the above and then the adult is to select and hold up the sign of either,  fast or slow.

Have fun with this and feel free to change your mind mid-way just to mix it up! For example:  if your child is running around the garden fast you can swop the sign to slow! Children usually end up in fits of laughter in this activity if it is carried out with enthusiasm and silliness!  Why not get all the household involved!


Youtube link for the fast and slow song!