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Maths Homework Week 7

Geometry and measure guidelines

Find enclosed in your packs some shape tracing for you to complete! Try and stay on the lines! Good luck!


Maths Number

Identifying  first & last.

In your pack you will find a few pictures of people and animals lining up. Show your child the first picture and give them time to have a look. Discuss the picture with your child. Point at the person at the front and tell your child that they are at the front and that it means they are first. Do the same for the last person in the que. Ask your child to point at the first person to check that they have understood. Then ask them to point at the last. Once you feel they understand show them the next picture. Again discuss the picture and all the things you can both see then ask your child to show you the first and last. Repeat this for all of the pictures.