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Music Homework Week 4

Orange Music Lesson – w/c 11.05.20

This week I want to share a very famous song with you all.

The song is called, “What a Wonderful World.”

It was sung by a very famous man called, Louis Armstrong.  Sadly, he died in 1971.

You may remember me playing you this song during Black History Month.

Louis also sang many classic duets with Ella Fitzgerald.

  • Louis was very famous for singing and he was also famous for playing the trumpet.  Click on the link below to watch him sing the song.

  • This week you are going to learn to sing AND sign this song!
  • Click on the link below to watch a more recent version of the song and learn the signs that accompany the lyrics (the words).
  • The video uses a mixture of Makaton signing (a simplified version of British Sign Language) and BSL.
  • I recommend that you watch the clip a few times and press pause along the way to learn it.  Ask your family if they want to join in with you.

When we are back at school, I hope we can share the songs we are learning at home.

Good luck and have fun learning!

I have also included the lyrics in a separate document, as this may help you to learn the song.

Talk with your families about the meaning of the song.

What do you think Louis is singing about?