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Music Homework Week 5

Music Lesson – Red Class

 Week 4 - 11/05/2020

Hello Red Class!

I hope you enjoyed practising our new song last week ‘Dad I want to be a camel’ please keep doing so, as signing and singing requires lots of practising!!This week will have a break from signing but will keep performing and practising our signing. Please have a look at the link below choose it’s more like a game you just need to sing along!!

Loud voices off you go to record yourselves singing!

Have fun!

O. Kontou, Red Class

Activity 1

Sing along with ‘Play It’!

Choose a song from the ‘Play It’ game and sing along; You can choose any song for example, I am a Robot, Hands in the Air, Take You Home, Be in the Band, Bring the Noise and Spooky World.

Play or clap along with the music then listen back to your own version of songs. Follow the in game instructions to explore the different modes.

Activity 2

Keep practising singing & signing, ‘Dad I want to be a camel’