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PSHE Homework Week 1

6L PSHE Home Learning Lesson for w.c.1.6.20

For this week’s PSHE lesson, we will be continuing to think about our emotional wellbeing & thinking about ways that we can stay healthy by doing activities that keeps our brain active.  Your task this week focuses on the next stage of creating your ‘Memory Box’.

Option 1: Complete the ‘All About Me’ activity by either printing off the PDf or using the picture of the ‘All About Me’ sheet in the lesson as your basis to record information about the things that are important to you, on any paper that you have to hand.  Once completed, this ‘All about Me’ work will be the first item that you are going to put inside your ‘Memory Box’.

Option 2: Alternatively, you can create a digital version of this activity by installing and using on of the Apps detailed in the lesson to create your very own digital memory box. 

Take photos on your smart phone of the results of some of the activities that you have enjoyed and email it to me at: or

(But remember: no faces in pictures please!)

Have fun while you are at home & we will see you all soon