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PSHE Homework Week 4

PSHE Blue Class

For PSHE I would like you think about someone special that you can not see at the moment.

What do they do that makes them special to you?

Draw a picture of you with your special person (or use a photograph if you have one).  Around the outside of the picture write down all the ‘qualities’ of the relationship e.g. trust, loyalty…

Next complete the grid about the features of positive friendships and family relationships using Resource 1 (print off or type on the sheet).

Finally I would like you to think of a way to show that special person you care about them and are thinking about them.

Some ideas: You could make them a card or write them a letter or you could be creative and make something like a bracelet or if you live close bake them a cake a leave on their doorstep, (but remember to social distance). Whatever you choose to do I know your special person will truly appreciate it.

I would love to see a photo of the things you think of to send to your special person, you can send it in an email to me at

Take Care