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Pink Class Autumn Term

Pink Class Autumn Term

Pink class have had a wonderful term and have really settled into our new swanky classroom. Everyone has bonded well and it is nice to see new friendships being formed. As well as having fun and making friends, Pink class have been working very hard. In English they particularly enjoyed learning about Harry Kane, the England Football Captain, and they all produced some lovely writing about him. We have used the computer alongside paper and pencil to support a lot of our writing.

Most the class put on a lovely assembly about Rama and Sita which the whole school enjoyed.

We had a very successful black history week in which the pupils learned about inspirational black women.

Last week we went on a fantastic trip to Winter Wonderland. The pupils went on rides, (I think the bumper cars was a favourite) and we watched an amazing circus show. We couldn’t believe some of the things the acrobats could do!

In science we have learnt about the human body. Do you know how many bones in the human body? If not ask your child and they can tell you! We have also learnt about forces and how we need a push or pull force to make things move and we have even started to learn about friction – I think we may have some budding scientists in the class.