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Purple Class

Home Learning Activities

Week beginning 1.06.20

This week’s pack of activities includes 10 learning sessions which should be spread out throughout the week, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 per day. If you have the time and the opportunity to do a bit of reading with your child some of the days, that would be great!

Maths – 2 sessions

English – 2 sessions

Independence – 1 session

Computing – 1 session

PSHE – 1 session

Art – 1 session

Sensory – 1 session

PE – 1 session

As your child completes the activities, feel free to use the email address below with any comments as to how he/she has been getting on with the work, as well as pictures of any tasks your child may have achieved (but please do not send pictures of your child, only the work!!!) This way we can have two-way communication and your child may feel more of a sense of purpose knowing that myself or the relevant teachers will look at the work they have done and comment on it over the phone the following week.

Maths Session 1 – Number

Money / Numicon Matching


Maths Session 2 – Geometry and measure

Fast & Slow fitness challenge!


English Session 1 – Reading and Speaking and Listening

We continue to read the Room on the Broom and make puppets to recreate the story.


English Session 2 – Writing

Pencil control and pencil to paper.


Independence – Follow independence list in work pack.



Games on helpkidzlearn.


Sensory Session –

Make a witches spell.


PSHE – Mental Health awareness week



PE-  Have a look in the guidelines for the latest workout


Art 1 – mini books

This week you will create a mini book. You will need paper, scissor etc. Follow the instructions on the PDF. Take some inspiration by visiting the website of British library and create your own mini book