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R.E Curriculum Week

From Monday, 25th until Friday 29th March Oaktree School held a R.E. week that focused on learning about the main religions of the world. The aim of the week was for each year group to learn about a main religion and focus on religious study in a more practical way, through workshops and outdoors activities, by visiting places of worship and by listening to ‘Guest Speakers’  who practise religions. 

Amongst the highlights of the week were definitely the workshops that took place across the school where pupils seized the opportunity to rotate in each of the classrooms in order to experience each main religions in addition to the religion their class has chosen to focus on. Over two ‘adventurous’ mornings, Oaktree School got exceptionally livelier when pupils met in the busy corridors while classes were rotating to different classrooms to participate in various creative activities, such as making crosses (Christianity), Mandala patterns or Meditation (Buddhism), Menorahs (Judaism), Islamic Art patterns etc. Students thoroughly enjoyed the variety of teachers and had an amazing time throughout art and craft activities which facilitated in depth their understanding of religions. One of the main aims of this week was also to develop attitudes of tolerance and understanding of the beliefs and customs of others and to enrich the children’s knowledge in order to enable them to live and work with fellow citizens of diverse religions, language and ethnic origins.

Another highlight of the week was the Religions Outdoors that took place in the Sensory Garden and involved lots of group work between the classes on making Mandala patterns on the ground, using pebbles, sticks, leaves etc. and Shuka shelters used by Jewish people to celebrate Sukkot holiday. Well done Oaktree students the good weather accommodated your willingness to work outside and your behaviour was exceptional and particularly praised during the assemblies that took place indoors.  For the first assembly we all ought to thank the Ladwa family who delivered a lovely speech in Hinduism that was marked by their generous snacks and gifts, as well as students from our neighbour Oakhill College for the yummy hot cross buns when they talked to students about Christianity. All of the children gave 100% effort and everyone thoroughly enjoyed watching both assemblies. It was a truly memorable experience!

To enhance the children’s learning for their topics many classes also visited a place of worship. For example, Red and Orange Classes went to the Hindu Temple in Neasden, Yellow Class visited the Mosque and the Pink Class the local Synagogue. Staff was also invited to speak as ‘Guest speakers’, many thanks to Anthia for her lovely presentation on Islam and her treats to students and staff.

Throughout the week the children showed great interest and enthusiasm and personal engagement in the topics they were learning about. They were very curious about the background and stories of the religions and images and they had many questions they wanted to further explore. The students created outstanding work, some of which will be seen on the R.E. display in the corridor and on the Oaktree website.

A massive thank you to all parties involved that made this week such an enjoyable experience.

Olga Kontou - R.E. Coordinator