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Red Class 2

Red Class

Red Class students have had such a busy harm term, full of learning, trips and new experiences. In Literacy, they all enjoyed listening to traditional tales such as ‘Jack & the Beanstalk’ and ‘’The 3 Billy Goats Gruff’, where they focused particularly on making their own version of both stories, describing characters and recalling events of the story. They have had a range of relevant activities and decided to visit ‘Discover: Children’s Story Centre’ to seize the opportunity to explore the magical world of stories and build their storytelling and communication skills by making their own story. During the session they interacted so nicely with the ‘story-builder’, they responded brilliantly to a range of questions and they unfolded their imagination and creativity whilst building their own story! They all joined willingly, they were very well behaved and recalled knowledge on stories they have already read or being taught at school. Well-done Red Class we are so proud of you and felt great joy when ‘Discover’ people emailed us, to congratulate students for tidying up and leaving clean the lunch area/room.