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Reward trip

For our reward trip this term, Green class went to Brooklyn’s Cafe and North Finchley Bowling.


The children were very excited about both trips and had loads of fun!


In the morning before we went to Brooklyn’s Cafe, we all had a look at the menu and thought about what we would like to drink. When we arrived, we waited for the waitress to ask us for our order. We decided on hot chocolates with whip cream and marshmallows...Yum!


For our trip to North Finchley Bowling we were very competitive and cheered each other on! The children beat their class teacher and were very excited about that.


We had a great time together and really enjoyed our trips especially as we were all nice to each other and very well behaved.


Green Class Team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support with encouraging the children to try new things and increase their independence.