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Science Homework Week 1

Hi Aqua Class,

Welcome to a new half term. This half term we will be learning more about plants. I have sent you a ‘Knowledge organiser’ for this topic in your homework pack. Keep this for the next few weeks to help you with your learning.

I would be really nice if you could try some simple planting of your own over the next few weeks. If possible, keep a few empty yoghurt / butter pots / bottles / jars and pick up some cress and bean sprout seeds when you are in the supermarket.

I hope you have your green fingers ready for lot of interesting activities.

Happy learning, Amy


  • Watch the BBC Bitesize video ‘What does a plant need to grow?’ and try the online quiz
  • Look at the ‘what do plants need to grow – PowerPoint’ below to learn more


  • Complete the ‘Plants Need Worksheet’ in your homework pack. You can use your ‘Plants Knowledge Organiser’ to help you

Practical Activity:

  • Look at the ‘Cress Head Guide’ below to help you grow your own cress