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Science Homework Week 1

Science 1st June 2020

Wild Plants

This term we are going to be looking at plants, we will be learning about different types of plants, what they need to grow, life cycle of plants and parts of a plant, This week in we are going to start by looking at wild flowers.  

To start with there is a power point presentation that tells you about different types of wild flowers and explains what a wild flower is.

There is then an activity to go on a wild flower hunt and you can use the wildflower hunt sheet to tick off the flowers you see or you could take photos of them.

There is also a couple of extra activities.

You could have a go at pressing flowers and there are some instructions to follow to help you.

Or you could make a flower picture using flowers you pick and sticks as a frame. There is a photo to explain what I mean titled “Flower Picture”.

 Be as creative as you like and enjoy getting to know nature around you.