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Science Homework Work 1

Yellow Class Science w.c.1.6.20

Experiments in the Kitchen: Part 2.

Hello Yellow Class! I hope that you all have had a lovely half-term break.  For science, we will be continuing our learning on states of matter.   In the last lesson you were instructed to choose ONE of the ‘Science Experiments in the Kitchen Home’ activities that can be completed using items found in & around the home (mostly in the kitchen).  If you have printed them out, please can you tick / mark with a cross the one that you have already done from the 4 experiments and you should have 3 experiments left to choose from.

Your task this week is to choose one activity from the 3 remaining activity cards in the lesson that you haven’t yet completed.  The choices are between:

  • Colourful Slime
  • Fizzing Colours
  • Paper Towel Colour Mixing
  • Rainbow Colour Mixing

Choose an experiment on the basis of the equipment and resources / ingredients that you already have in the house.  If you are not able to print the PDF, you can still access then images below from a smartphone to follow the instructions.

 You can print out the accompanying ‘Science Experiments in the Kitchen’ PDF to view the activity cards more easily while conducting your chosen experiment.

Whichever activity you choose, have lots of fun, but remember to clean up after yourselves!

Take photos on your smart phone of the results of your chosen experiment & email them to me at: or

(But remember: no faces in pictures please!)

Have fun while you are at home & we will see you all soon.