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Sensory Homework Week 1

Sensory Session-

This week, find the biggest pan in the kitchen.  This is your witch’s cauldron.

It is time to make a spell (or a mess).  What do you have excess of at home? Don’t worry I won’t ask you to use self-raising flour if you are lucky enough to have any! Left over dinner? Put it in the bowl.  Some washing u liquid? Put it in.  Rip up some junk mail that comes through the post and put that in your cauldron.  Add a splash of water and whatever else you can find and then get mixing.  Use a spoon or even your hands if you are brave enough!

Say the words ‘Iggety, ziggety, zaggety, zoom’ from the Room on the Broom and make your own spell!

Let me know if out pops a truly magnificent broom!