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Sensory Session Homework Week 1


RED CLASS WEEK 1 - 01/06/2020

Hello Red Class!

I know that you all love sensory activities we have in class, as this gives you the opportunity to spend time with your friends or on your own and help you to relax by experiencing different materials, textures and substances, here is your activity for Week 7!


O. Kontou, Red Class

Ice fun: Discovering toys on an ice excavation!

These are easy to make and fun to do! If you want you can have a more specific theme such as Frozen, Legos blocks or characters, dinosaurs, polar, jungle, farm animals, space, cars, cartoon characters etc!

Where: Kitchen or outside; a table or area!

You will need:

  • Gloves, ice cube trays, bowls/containers or water balloons to fill in with water.
  • Small toys or marbles, beads, small objects  
  • Food colouring
  • Safe tools to break the ice such as spoons or
  • Grab some gloves and get freezing!


Hint: If your toy is dropping to the bottom of the container, and you’d like it to be frozen in the middle of your ice block, fill your container halfway with water and let it freeze. Next, place your toy on top, fill the container to the top and let that freeze.

Make sure you help tidying up when you have finish!!!Listen to the following to remember school: