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Spring 2019

Red Class students have been transformed to little Scientists this harm - term!! In our Science lesson, they have been learning about forces and they used their observational skills to explore and understand forces in their environment and everyday life! They especially enjoyed exploring and applying forces on equipment at the playground - pull/push the swings, the pedals on the bikes, friction on the slide or on the grass, gravity by letting objects fall on the ground and air – resistance running holding umbrellas etc. However, most of all they loved becoming real scientists during their trip to the Science museum. They all had an amazing day and apart from Science they had the opportunity to practise life skills such as looking at the maps, their Reading, by identifying letters and by trying to read signs and labels around or their social skills by asking directions, saying ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ etc. They showed incredible maturity by being so well behaved.

Well done Red Class we are very proud of you and we are looking forward to taking you on more adventurous trips next half-term