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Spring Half Term Update


Greetings from the Food Tech Department

Though it’s been a short half term we seem to have been uber productive in our quest to teach and learn about how to be safe in the kitchen whilst taking part in preparing and cooking dishes.

The senior classes (Yellow, Purple, Pink and the two 6th forms) have been cementing their skills around using the hob as well as the oven to prepare meals to enjoy with one another. We have also looked at various cooking techniques including sautéing, basting, grilling and roasting. Students have created their own pizzas – justifying their topping selection and choice of sauces according to particular preferences whilst exploring new taste possibilities. We have also cooked open flans with a variety of toppings – both meat and vegetarian based.

We have continued to look at ‘what makes a vegetarian meal’ – emphasising just how important vegetables and fruits are to a complete diet and creating non-meat based meals. Every meal we create is partnered by a salad option that the majority of students select as a part of their commitment to the “5 a day” principle.

The junior classes have been looking at using the hob and in particular the safety features as well as exploring how different kitchen utensils can be used to maximum effect and in a safe manner.

Some classes are participating in the “Healthy Lunch Challenge” as a way of educating out students about making good choices when it comes to food selection.

When we return after the half term break we will be looking at the safe use of electrical items in the junior classes and the seniors will be focusing on ‘cooking with meat’ and Healthy Eating for Young Adults.