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Spring Term


As part of their PE curriculum this half term Aqua class have had the opportunity to take part in sessions of squash. We had some sessions in school and then we were lucky enough to get the chance to travel to Hazelwood Tennis Club where we were able to use their squash courts. The sessions were enjoyed by all and special thanks to Coach for delivering the sessions and for letting us use her club.


Our Sport & Leisure students have travelled to Hazelwood Tennis Club to take part in a unit of tennis. Students have practised a range of different strokes including a forehand, a backhand, a volley and a drop shot. Students have also played games against each other in both single and double game format. We look forward to continuing our sessions up until the Easter break.


A group of girls had the opportunity to take part in some sessions of Cheerleading at West Lea School. We were joined by girls from West Lea for a 1 hour session. The sessions were a combination of freestyle movements using pom poms and choreographed routines to music all the girls knew and enjoyed. We are going to continue the sessions after Easter where we will be participating in another physical activity.