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Spring Term 2

Green Class reach new heights at the Sky Garden

Green Class decidedly aimed high in the second week of this half term. Because London is such a pretty place that has so much to offer, also in terms of its sights, Green Class braved the tube all the way to Bank just to have a bird’s eye view of our beautiful capital city. Upon arrival at the Sky Garden building, we had to go through airport-style security checks and only after this did we go on the lift – from the ground floor to level 39. It was a brilliant experience and the 360 degree views were as expected: absolutely gorgeous!




Green Class explore the Docklands Museum

A trip to Canary Wharf? Yes, please! Even though it is a bit far to get to from school, Green Class were excited to go to one of London’s financial hubs. We visited the new gardens at the Crossrail site and had a lovely look around at the home of way-too-busy businesspeople! It was a beautiful sunny day out in Camary Wharf, so we ventured into the Docklands Museum for a short while. It was definitely worth it, as the building itself, a converted old warehouse, is in itself an experience. The recreated streets of London back in time was also good fun and Green Class had a nice time having a nosey around!