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Spring Term Update – April 2019

Another term comes to an end and it is good to reflect on what has been happening in the Food Tech department, right across the school.

The junior classes have started to use the hobs – looking particularly at the safety features and the different utensils that can be incorporated whilst preparing dishes that are not so complex. They then went on to explore the differences between manual and electric tools, all the time becoming more familiar with the terminology used in the kitchen. Aqua Class has also been looking at where our food comes from and they have been identifying if a particular food has been grown, reared or caught.

The senior classes (Pink and the three sixth forms) have continued to prepare their lunches and there has been a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes created to reinforce the different benefits of eating particular foods. We have also looked at different foods from different nations – with a particular emphasis on ‘staple foods’ – rice, noodles and pasta.

Among the dishes made (and enjoyed) there has been the opportunity to cook lasagne, cannelloni, noodle soup, rice with curries – vegetable and chicken - and we’ve explored the cuisines of the Far East, India, Italy and Mexico. We have also looked at the concept of ‘pies’ – the traditional chicken and leek pie, flans and quiches and cottage pie.

On a side note we have looked at the different areas of storage in the kitchen and the sixth form has also started to investigate food labeling and the differences between ‘best before’ and ‘use by’.

It has been a busy term indeed and it has paved the way for winding up the academic year with nothing but successes. It has also created a foundation for work that we will be doing next term.

I hope the Easter holiday is relaxing and refreshing for everyone and I look forward to welcoming the students back to complete their studies for the year later this month.