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Summer Term

As usual the end of the summer term (and the academic year) has come with its typical haste and flurry. With so much to cover before fare welling our students for the year, we scarcely had time to turn the calendar pages before finding ourselves in the ultimate week of the term.

As well as completing our planned curricula in subject areas we also managed to be incredibly busy preparing our students for the wider world through various schemes – all of which have been highly successful.

Among the highlights for the term the 6th form participated in:

  • The WE Schools Water Aid Project – which highlighted countries and communities throughout the world that are without the luxury of running water. It provided the Sixth Form with the opportunity to raise its collective Social Awareness as well as raising money to send to the WE Schools Water Aid Headquarters to provide several outlets for clean, running water in areas where there is none.
  • We made the final drop off (for the year) to the We Scare Hunger Programme – providing foodstuffs collected and collated by the 6th form for use in communities in London who struggle to survive on the food they are able to access.
  • Work Experience has wound up for the year and those students who were able to complete their work experience assignments all agreed that their placements were valuable in exposing them to the practical requirements of ‘going to work’ once they leave Oaktree. This term we had students completing postings in the School Kitchen; at other schools within the Borough where they could have a glimpse of the realities of Site Management; the Enfield Council Printing Service was able to place students in their offices and many of the Sixth Formers were able to grow their skill bases through utilizing the Classroom Support Programme where they were able to provide teachers with practical levels of support as well as acting as mentors for our younger students.


Much work has been put into the Sixth Form contribution to the Summer Showcase and as this is being written final rehearsals are taking place for what is bound to be the pièce de résistance of the performance, the term and the year!

At the end of June we said ‘goodbye’ to our 9 Leavers who are now relaxing on their summer hiatus before starting College in the Autumn Term. All our leavers have been offered places at the Colleges of their choice and though it was with heavy hearts that we said ‘Adieu’, there was a feeling of excitement and expectation as they walked through the doors for their final time as students, knowing that, as alumnae of Oaktree School, they are well fortified and prepared for the endeavours that they are about to undertake. The Leavers Prom was a fantastic night not just the students but for the staff who attended as well. It is a heart stopping occasion when our students present themselves as young adults in all their majesty and finery and hearts swelled with pride as tribute was paid to the achievements of another fine group of eight young men and one young woman who can all be very proud of themselves!

Thus our term, and our year, draws to a close and though we are looking forward to the challenges that the Academic Year 2019-2020 will present, we are quite happy to ‘park’ those thoughts for just a few more weeks (which will, without doubt, race by with indecent haste as summers are wont to do!)

In closing we, as a Sixth Form, would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the dedication and devotion of a particularly special member of the form who is moving on to pastures new as the final curtain is drawn across the school year. Jo Woodland (also known as Jo, Jo Jo, Miss and Mama Jo) has been the heart of the form and so instrumental in the success of our students and in the support and development of colleagues. We will miss you – INCREDIBLY! Thank you so much for everything you have done; for the good times and the many laughs; and for being an incredible shoulder on which to lean in the less light moments. You are one in a million!

Summer well, everyone!

Jo, Eleni & PJ with Sibel, Cathy, Karen, Keisha, Carre & Mrs. Toynbee