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Travel Assist

Enfield Transport services operate the school buses.  It is there for those pupils who live some distance from the school to enable them to arrive on time.  Parents are given an approximate time of arrival at the home to make sure their child is ready on time for collection in the morning.  Escorts are not permitted to leave the other pupils on the bus unattended and therefore cannot come to your door.  You must be alert as to the buses arrival as they will wait no longer than 3 minutes at any residence.  You will always be informed by Transport Services of any unforeseen delays e.g., vehicle breakdown, but you are asked to be patient in times of bad weather delays.  If you miss the bus, parents should make every effort to bring their child to school.  Parents are requested to make sure there is always someone at home at the end of the day.

If you know your child will not be attending school for a specific reason, please inform both Transport Services and the school as early as possible.  In the event of illness, first telephone Transport Services and then the school.  Remember to telephone the day before your child is ready to return to school.

To apply for travel assistance please download the application form from the link below:

Send to:


Post: Travel Assistance Application, Special Educational Needs, Schools and Children’s Services, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield  EN1 3XQ

If you are moving please fill in a change of address form, which can be downloaded from the link below and email to:

Transport Services

Main line and Answer phone 24/7 0208 379 1258

The School

Main line and Answer phone 24/7 020 8440 3100