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Yellow Class

In yellow class over the Spring term, Yellow class have been busy, busy, busy!  The Spring term has flown by in record speed and we have had lots of fun!

In Maths we have been looking at number and learning different ways to add and subtract using a number line.  We have also learned how to read time both with analogue clocks and digital clocks; to the hour (o’clock) and half past the hour.

In English we have explored ‘Communication’ focusing on verbal communication.  We have visited shops within the local area and further afield in Wood Green to develop our verbal communication skills while interacting with the public while shopping.  We have also developed our confidence communicating with each other.  Everyone made their own PowerPoint Presentation about ‘My Favourite Thing’ and verbally presented it to the class;  Well done Yellow class for your fantastic speaking skills!

In PSHE we have developed our understanding of issues relating to ‘Making Good Choices’ and continued to explore the importance of their responsibilities at Oaktree and the importance of rules and through ‘Student Voice’.  

In Independence, our area covered this half term was ‘Out & About’ through which we have had quite a few trips in the local community visiting the local shops using shopping lists and developing our verbal communication skills and confidence interacting with the public. We have also continued to develop our independence and self-care skills and our sense of responsibility through our daily and weekly classroom jobs. 

During the end of the term it was RE Curriculum week term, Yellow class focused on Islam, but also attended workshops and activities throughout the week on other religions.  We also visited the Wightman Road Mosque near Turnpike Lane and were able to experience first-hand what it was like being in an Islamic Place of worship and had a lovely day visiting both inside the mosque & around its grounds. 

It has been a very short but busy Spring term in Yellow class and we are all looking forward to the Summer term with great eagerness