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Oaktree Students elected to Enfield Youth Council and UK youth Parliament

I (the headteacher) attended the Enfield youth council and Parliament elections on Friday the 27th January. I was filled with immense pride and joy, as you can imagine (along with his parents) when Finley Willis, age 19, from our school won a seat as one of 2 Enfield representatives at the UK Youth Parliament. We are also happy to announce that Kyle Johnston - age 12, Anil Sahindal - age 18 and Finley Willis - age 19 have been duly elected as members of the Enfield Youth Council (again all 3 parents were extremely proud of their children).  All the three candidates created their own manifestos ( and emerged victorious on the judgement day. This year, 32 candidates from the local secondary and special needs schools contested for the 25 seats for the elected youth council members.

Anil, has also been elected as deputy chair of Enfield Youth Council

We would like to wish them all the best in their new role and wish them success in making sure that young people have a voice in the local community. It is also worth noting that they were the only candidates that stood from an Enfield special school.

All our students partook in the voting for the candidates whilst all 3 candidates canvassed at school. This has been an extremely valuable contribution for our pupils in understanding the fundamental British values of democracy and the rule of law.