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Aqua Class

Aqua Class 13th July 2020

Hello Pupils & Parents of Aqua Class,

Welcome to another new week!  We hope you had a nice week and are keeping well at home. We will be putting more new activities on the school website this week to help you keep learning while you are at home. Remember, the activities on the website should be spread out over the week, try to do two activities each day. If you also have time to do some reading, this would be great! Some of these activities may seem tricky at first, so remember to ask an adult to help you. Some of the activities will have worksheets that will be posted to you and for other activities you can use your purple home school work book, or type on a computer.

This week’s pack of activities includes 11 learning sessions:

Maths – 2 sessions

English – 2 sessions

Independence – 1 session

Science – 1 session

Art – 1 session

Food Tech – 1 session

PSHE– 1 session

PE – 2 sessions

As your child completes the activities, feel free to use the email addresses below with any comments as to how he/she has been getting on with the work, as well as pictures of any tasks your child may have achieved (but please do not send pictures of your child, only the work!). It may be easier if you email the teacher you speak to each week:

Amy -

Sarah -  

This way we can have two-way communication and your child may feel more of a sense of purpose knowing that we will look at the work they have done and comment on it over the phone the following week.


Session 1 & 2 – Maths Mystery

This week I would like you to use your growing maths skills to solve ‘The Mystery of Peter Rabbit and the Beetroot Burglar’. Solve the clues to reveal the name of the burglar. All the information you need will be in your homework pack.


Session 1 – Plans for the summer

I am driving to Devon for a week with my family, what are you planning to do this summer?  Write me an email to tell me what your plans are.

Session 2 –Reading Comprehension

This week you are going to read a short passage and answer questions all about elephants.

Science – Experimenting

This week I would like you to conduct a simple science experiment at home, using equipment and ingredients you will find in your kitchen. See the guide in your homework pack. Remember to ask an adults permission first!

Independence – Helping at Home

I want you to revisit your ‘independent living’ skills and help out with at least 1 household task.

PSHE – Incredible You

As we approach the end of a challenging school year, I want you to reflect on your achievements and write about the things that make you amazing. See the worksheet in your homework pack.

Food Tech – Food Hygiene   

This week you will be learning more about food hygiene. Look at the PowerPoint or watch the video clips. Then complete the worksheet in your homework pack.

Art – Black lives matter

This week you will think and create a painting related to Black lives matter. On the PDF there is an outline of a fist. Colour in the fist or write words or phrases related to the black lives matter. Ask help from an adult and search for some information on the internet if you need to. 

PE – See the PE folder for this week’s P.E activity and link with all instructions written in the document.