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We follow the National Curriculum for Art which is broken down into our curriculum assessment ladder. Within the curriculum assessment ladder, learning is shown as small progressive steps that inform the objectives for our teaching and allow us to assess progress and judge attainment.

The Art curriculum is delivered as half termly units as shown in the Long Term Plan.

Art   2022-2023


Purpose of Art curriculum

To develop creativity and motor skills. The pupils are to be engaged, inspired, and challenged. Give them knowledge and skills to experiment, invent to create and be part of a community

Progress to:

Explore various forms of expression. Gain an understanding of basic art elements (line, form, colours, shapes). Reflect on how it shapes our history and contributes to culture, creativity, and wealth of the nation.

Aims of Art curriculum

     Produce creative work

  • Explore their own ideas
  • Record their experiences
  • Know about great artists, craft makers and designers
  • Understand historical and cultural developments of art forms